Product Information


Capacity                                                                    60 Ton

Stroke                                                                         2-1/2″

Maximum Shut Height to bed                                15″ SDAU

Bed Area                                                                   32″ RL x 18″ FB

Maximum Speed                                                      100 SPM

Ram Area                                                                  17″ RL x 11″ FB Flanged Ram

Ram Adjustment                                                      3″ (Manual)

Bolster Size                                                               4″ x 32″ RL x 18″ FB – Solid

Floor Dimensions                                                    11′H x 6′RL x 7′FB

Weight                                                                       12,000 lbs.


Equipped With:

Bliss Air Clutch & Brake

Flywheel Type Drive

Steel – Frame Construction

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